Movie tickets are $7 for adults, (Seniors over 60, $6).  Children 12 and under are $6. Matinees are $6 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under.  Cultural performances are free or low cost depending on available funds, grants, and number of volunteers.

Since taking over the Montrose Theatre in 2000 through the generous donation from the Quigg family, The MRC has continued to upgrade, update, and repair the theatre to keep it in working order.  It is through grants and generous supporters that we have been able to replace the roof, HVAC, seats, and install handicap rest rooms. Most recently at the end of December 2012, we were faced with the dilemma of shutting down the theatre or upgrade to fully digital equipment.  The film industry decided as of January 2013 they would be no longer providing reel to reel film. In our quest to keep our downtown and community alive, the MRC decided to take a $60,000 loan to purchase the equipment. This was a huge undertaking for a small organization but necessary for our commitment to the community.

The Montrose Theatre offers an avenue for regional artists to perform while providing the general public the opportunity to experience the arts and to be entertained through performances otherwise unavailable in our rural setting.  We will continue to maintain the county movie theatre allowing for its continued public use.

The Montrose Theatre provides movie entertainment through private party operators.  The MRC facilitates major capital improvements to the theatre, and manages and delivers cultural events to residents through fund raising and grants.  Past initiatives included musical and theatrical performances and performing workshops. The Montrose Theatre is the only theatre in Susquehanna County

The Montrose Theatre is open every Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the showing of movies. For the summer,  movies will be shown every day of the week and additional hours on holiday weekends.   Cultural events are delivered throughout the year on various days depending on availability of performers.

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