About Vickie Calby

Vickie Calby is a lifelong member of the Montrose community; if you don’t count the four years she spent in Tennessee. A lover of books, Vickie was a Sales Rep. for Penguin Group for 15 years. She volunteers as a member of Montrose CommUNITY, as well as serving on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce. She and her husband enjoy entertaining and travel.

Dancing to Our Own Tune


By: Vickie Calby∼Montrose CommUNITY Board Member∼ The hall is decorated with balloons and streamers all in Valentine’s Day colors. The tables are dressed in pink, white, and red tablecloths, with center pieces and sparkles. The DJ

Dancing to Our Own Tune2020-02-17T14:11:56-05:00

A Bull Story


By: Vickie Calby∼MRC Board Member∼ L et it be known, before we start, this is a true Bull Story. After an adult beverage one evening, I told my story to a

A Bull Story2019-05-03T17:04:32-04:00

Blueberry Memories: Back to the 80s


By: Vickie Calby∼MRC Board Member∼ T he year is 1980; things are different--very different. Sue Stone is not the administrator of the Susquehanna County Library, and there has never been a "Montrose

Blueberry Memories: Back to the 80s2019-05-03T23:26:56-04:00