By: John B. Eidenier∼MRC Board Member∼
usquehanna County artists are on the move with the newly established gallery in downtown Montrose.  A group of dedicated artists have joined their efforts in establishing a quality  art gallery and co-op.  Slanted Art encourages artists, both unknown and known, to bring their art into public view, enriching the community while supporting the artist.  It is growing by leaps and bounds, so quickly, in fact, that it has had to move from its 440 South Main Street location to its new home at 180 Church Street, right on the corner by the traffic light.  The move was just in time for Christmas and Santa even found time to visit.

Enter the world of creation!

The new location offers the additional space necessary to show the work of new members who have joined the Co-Op.  There is a vibrancy and uniqueness here that is rare for a small town.

With their new location and by popular demand, the Gallery is open more hours now giving you even more opportunity to visit:

Thursday & Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. & Sunday 1-4 p.m.

Slanted Art Co-op is a group of energetic artists who greet visitors with a warm smile along with a friendly hello.

The Co-op was founded by eight members who recruited other artists to join in creating a gallery that displays quality art. The founding members are Concetta Schirra, Victoria Roberge, Samantha Ellsworth, Patricia Hjilm, Sally Finan, Susan Gosselin Zellner, Penny L. Eldred, and Peter Thayer Eldred.  Each contributes to a vision for the Co-Op which is fast becoming a reality.

Penny Eldred

Penny : “The Art Co-Op brings together artists who may be hidden in their home or studio, and this gives them a place of confidence and encouragement to share their work or perhaps even pick it up again.  There is a force within the group that causes the individual artist to ‘rise with the tide’.  Having your art shown in a gallery and receiving feedback boosts not only your confidence, but encourages others to get their paints or cameras out and get back to work.  There are many who come into the gallery and begin to believe in themselves again by seeing the work of others or by talking to one of the members, who at one time may have been where they’re at.”

Peter Eldred

Peter: “The art of art is creatively exercising one’s own free will by interpretative expression.”

Kelly Finan

Kelly:“Slanted Art Co-Op is part of my greater vision for Montrose as a hip, lively town. In conjunction with other downtown businesses, Slanted Art will serve as a cultural hub that bolsters the local economy. It will also encourage local artists to display local talent that would otherwise be hidden.”

Pat Hjelm

Pat: “My vision is for downtown Montrose to bloom into a great place to come to.  Slanted Art will help give people a reason to gather.”

Concetta Schirra

Concetta:  “I see Slanted Art Co-Op as a slice of culture providing an opportunity for folks to enjoy the many gifts and talents of local artists, as well as to participate in the joy of creating art! I envision our gallery as a gathering place for many and a network of talented folks celebrating our home in NEPA! I appreciate the dedicated and quality people who are part of the Co-Op! I love being part of a group of people who are encouraging, creative, and alive with passion, as well as folks who are enthusiastic to support growth in Montrose! I see Montrose as awakening to greater things…”

Susan Zellner

Susan: “When we, the Slanted Art Co-Op team, began just over eight months ago, many of us had not met before. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the dreams, plans and visions for Slanted Art Co-Op come to fruition through the passion, dedication and diverse talents in this group. We really have gelled, truly giving life to the term cooperative. Where one may feel a bit weak, another is strong. The team has learned to work well together and celebrate our differences, realizing that it is the best way to succeed. We’ve grown over these last few months into quite a creative collective that is working to improve and enhance the area we all love. We hope and plan to continue to encourage, inspire and educate those already involved in the arts and those that have not yet experienced them.”

Victoria Roberge

Victoria: “My vision for Slanted Art is to be a hub in Montrose where everyone feels welcome and comfortable to explore and unleash their own unique creative form of self-expression.  I also see it as a place where people gather to celebrate our differences and form strong community bonds while showcasing the diverse talents and perspectives of residents in our beautiful corner of the world.”

Samantha Ellsworth

Samantha: “I envision Slanted Art Co-Op continuing to grow and inspire local artists, to be a place where people can come to find creativity and support.  Slanted Art will enrich the community by offering classes and linking the community to the local artists.”

Sonji Lee speaking with student

Slanted Art Co-Op not only provides a public space for artists to show their work but also hands-on educational activities which provide an opportunity to learn new skills and explore new ways of artistic expression.  One such workshop was the encaustic art workshop which was attended by both young and old. (I had to look up encaustic and found that it was a method using pigments with hot wax and resin with application being fixed by heat.)  Some very original tile is made by this process.  This workshop is just one example of the opportunities for learning which is offered by the Co-Op.  Also, Slanted Art presents a featured artist which provides a special opportunity for the artist to display and talk about his/her art.  You may keep track of the various activities by visiting the Slanted Art Co-Op’s face book page.

Slanted Art is a welcomed newcomer to Montrose and it is my hope that they have found a home that is both welcoming and supportive.  So, with that in mind, visit the gallery, talk with the artists, and if you see something you like, trust your judgement and purchase it.

Below are just a few of the examples of art/crafts that you will find when you visit the Slanted Art Gallery.  Come and visit. You will be glad you did.